Happy Friday, everyone!
As we near the end of the school year for most, we are switching gears a bit to get ready for our first ever Education to Save the World Summit, which will take place in Washington, DC, at the end of June.

We are thrilled to host 15 talented and inspiring Fellows, who will come together to learn, collaborate, and envision the transformation that our schools need. Each of them will be returning to the field with fresh ideas and a common purpose to support their work in 2014-2015. We can’t wait to put our minds together and innovate!
To jump start things, we’ll be posting some summaries of and excerpts from key texts that have influenced our thinking about education in the 21st century. Beginning on Tuesday, we’ll be posting one thinker/author per day to give you something to reflect on and incorporate into your practice. Our Fellows will be using these ideas as building blocks for their vision of what it takes to transform education to meet the demands of the 21st century. But you can play along at home, and hopefully keep us in the loop about new ideas you are forming!