Happy Friday!  Time to recap our goals for the week.  How did you do? I’m proud of how much I connected this week with my passion and purpose, but need to step up my game on eating clean (we celebrated valentine’s day at school today!) and getting to the gym.  Still even when we don’t reach our goals, setting them matters.
In fact, according to one study MBA students who wrote down their goal earned 10 times as much as their peers who did not!  
photoSpeaking of goals…Ed2S Fellow Laura Honeywood’s students came in 2nd place in the Massachusetts state We The People competition and have the opportunity to represent the state at nationals!  Congratulations to the team!  It’s an amazing accomplishment and the great news is that you can help them get there!

They need to raise $30,000 to attend the national competition.  Help them reach their goal by donating here.  Every little bit helps.
Congratulations again to Laura and her hard-working students!