What is Power?

Humanities Edition

Have your students view examples and samples of power in this slide deck. Using those examples, complete an SEEI Protocol as detailed below.



State the idea clearly

(Power is…)



Elaborate on the idea

(In other words, power is…)



Provide examples of power

(An example of power is…)



Use a metaphor or image

(Power is like…)


Now that you’ve defined power, what concepts does it interact with and what are some contexts you can explore?

Secondary Contexts

The Power Paradox

Other Concepts: Class, Status, Control, Influence Conceptual Questions: How do class, status, control, and power affect personal relationships? How does influence impact how much power you have?  

Athenian Democracy

Other Concepts: Democracy, Representation, Government, Law Conceptual Questions: How does representation affect the power of a government? How do laws impact who does and does not have power in a Democracy?  

Poverty & Education

Other Concepts: Access, Poverty, Education, Privilege, Opportunity Conceptual Questions: How does one’s access to education grant them power? How can poverty limit one’s opportunities for power?

The Six Sources of Civic Power

Other Concepts: Ideas, Force, Social norms, State Action, Wealth, Citizenship Conceptual Questions: How do ideas about wealth shape social norms and grant power? How can wealth give someone the power to wield force and impact state action?   

Harrison Bergeron

Other Concepts: Identity, Freedom, Individuality, Connection, Equity Conceptual Questions: How does our freedom shape our ability to pursue individual power? How can a government’s desire for power over it’s constituents lead to a loss of connection and individuality?

Letter From A Birmingham Jail

Other Concepts: Identity, Freedom, Race, Injustice, Equity, Oppression Conceptual Questions: How does one’s identity open or restrict their access to power? What’s the relationship between race, oppression, and power?

Crash Course: The French Revolution

Other Concepts: Chaos, Order, Class, Status, Nobility, Democracy Conceptual Questions: How can chaos influence one’s ability to gain access to power? What’s the relationship between order, democracy, and power?  

Lord of the Flies

Other Concepts: Chaos, Order, Good, Evil, Civilized, Primal, Social Norms, Environment Conceptual Questions:  What’s the relationship between chaos and order? How does environment shape social norms?  

Elementary Contexts