Erin Leininger

Erin is passionate about supporting all learners’ academic language development through culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate, standards-based, and transfer-focused pedagogy. She is an ardent advocate for ensuring that students’ cultural and linguistic demographics do not predict their outcomes.  She is fascinated by the relationship between language, culture, and worldview and believes that all students can achieve at high levels when they feel safe, seen, and adequately challenged and supported within their classroom and school community. She loves fostering collaborative relationships with students and teachers, designing meaningful learning experiences that meet individual student needs, and empowering all learners to reach their greatest potential.  In addition to co-authoring Teaching Adolescent English Language Learners: Essential Strategies for Middle and High School, she is a co-author of, “Learner-Centered Teaching: The Core of Effective Practices for ELLs,” published in the TESOL Online Journal. After living abroad in big cities for over a decade, Erin is enjoying the proximity of nature and exploring her new home of the Pacific Northwest. 

Competencies and Interests

Relevant Experience

EdD in Organizational Leadership

Pursuing Oregon Administrator License

PTC Certificate in International School Leadership

Training in Adaptive Schools and Cognitive Coaching

Conversant in Spanish

Current Interests


Student and teacher agency

Life-long learning

Collective Efficacy

Adolescent development

Support Offered

Professional Learning Workshops

Curriculum Co-Design

Curriculum Advising

Lesson Co-Planning

Educator Coaching

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Join the next Modern Language Learning that Transfers Cohort

Online A/synchronous Learning

What is the relationship between learning that transfers and language acquisition? How might we design relevant, authentic, real-world language learning for our students that helps prepare them to make sense of and positively contribute to our complex and interconnected world?  Join us for the first cohort of our Modern Languages Learning That Transfers course, where we will collaboratively address these questions by exploring the ACT Learning Transfer Mental Model.