Kayla Duncan

Kayla Duncan is an Innovation Specialist for a large, suburban public school district. Her passion centers around empowering student voice through meaningful, authentic experiences and increased ownership. Kayla currently supports personalized learning schools in creating their new vision for education through the design thinking process. She believes the voices of students and the community should drive what happens in the school building. Before her coaching role, Kayla taught elementary physical education and middle grades mathematics. She is pursuing a Doctor of Education in School Improvement from the University of West Georgia and hopes to use this new knowledge to propel schools toward innovative visions for education. Kayla resides in Georgia with her husband, a fellow educator, and their dog, Arch.

Competencies and Interests

Relevant Experience

M.S. in Mathematics Education

Ed.S. in Learning, Design, and Technology

Ed.D in School Improvement (pursuing)

Middle Grades Mathematics Teacher

Learning Forward Academy Member

Current Interests

Instructional Design

Design and Systems Thinking

Personalized Learning

School Improvement

Self-Efficacy & Transfer of Learning in Mathematics (dissertation topic)

Student Empowerment

Support Offered

Professional Learning Workshops

Curriculum Co-Design

Curriculum Advising

Lesson Co-Planning

School Improvement Planning

Blog Plosts

The Power of Small Changes

The Power of Small Changes

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