Wisdom in Education Conference

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Workshop presenters – WES 2018:

Julie Stern

Keynote speaker and Presenter

Julie Stern is an author, trainer, and instructional coach, supporting schools in transforming teaching and learning around the globe. Julie’s depth and breadth of knowledge combined with her vision and contagious energy make her an in-demand facilitator in concept-based curriculum, differentiated classrooms, visible thinking and formative assessments. She is the author of Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, is certified in researcher John Hattie’s Visible Learning as well as H. Lynn Erickson’s Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction. She is a James Madison Constitutional Scholar and taught social studies for many years in DC and Louisiana. Julie previously served as the director of public policy and curriculum innovation at the Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools in Washington, DC, where she led the revision of curriculum in all subject areas grades 6 – 12.


Ben Reeves Ben Reeves is a teaching practice leader and certified trainer in Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction. He has a strong interest in how to integrate conceptual approaches with other research-based practice and techniques, including ethical thinking, visible thinking, developmental assessment, and collaborative philosophical inquiry / Socratic questioning. Ben has presented many workshops about teaching for deeper conceptual understanding in English and Philosophy, cultivating ethical thinking, and using visible thinking in the classroom. He is currently completing his Masters in Educational Research at the Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne, focusing on how to assess 21st Century skills of Ethical Capability.
Jeff Robin Jeff is a founding faculty member ofproject-based learning school High Tech High in San Diego, and has remained an active PBL teacher at HTH until 2017. He now consults and leads PBL workshops around the world, sharing his deep conceptual and practical knowledge of its purpose and process. Jeff is also a practicing artist.


Julia Briggs


Julia Briggs lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia, she teaches Science and Chemistry and is the Head of IB Chemistry at Colegio Anglo Colombiano where she also works with departments and individual teachers as is a professional learning coach. She is a certified trainer in Concept Based Curriculum and Instruction and is passionate about supporting teachers develop their practice so that students may deepen their conceptual understanding of the world to authentically prepare for the future.


Fiona Hurtado Fiona Hurtado is a Teaching and Learning Coach for Grades PreK-12.  She has spent 15 years in public and international education, working in five continents and teaching a broad range of programs and courses including English Literature, Drama, Geography, Studies of Society and Environment, and Dance.  Fiona has just completed a Masters in International Education at the University of Bath, and is passionate about working with teachers and leaders to design experiences that connect and empower students through the learning process.


Angeline Aow Angeline Aow is an international school educator, workshop leader, school evaluator and pedagogical leader.  In these roles, she has worked in the Asia-Pacific, European, Middle-East and African regions.  She is a  certified Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction trainer (Erickson & Lanning) and has led IB workshops and school visits for more than 10 years. Her workshop will address – How do we best plan a concept-based mathematics unit that supports transdisciplinary learning? What vital steps do we need to take into consideration? This session is based on the work of Jennifer Chang Wathall (Concept-Based Mathematics: Teaching for Deep Understanding in Secondary Schools, February 2016 Corwin).


Glenda Baker Glenda is the Deputy Principal (MSHS) at The United Nations International School in Hanoi. She is passionate about CBL and creating systems and structures that support student agency.