Chapter Resources

Learning Transfer

Chapter 1 outlines the learning transfer mental model—a way of making sense of new topics and fields that help us grasp the overall structures of our world.

Shifts in Practice

Chapter 2 directs attention to explicit shifts in practice that are necessary to truly harness the power and potential of learning that transfers.

Disciplinary Literacy

Chapter 3 compels us to view individual subjects, as part of a larger discipline of study—or a way of making sense of our complex world.

Modern Literacies

Chapter 4 places a growing body of important competencies under one label, modern literacies, and uses them to empower learners.

Story of Your Course

Chapter 5 synthesizes the previous chapters into an overall vision for the course that you teach.

Unit Planning

Chapter 6 outlines the critical steps for planning a transfer-focused course to empower students to use their learning.


Chapter 7 provides the building blocks of 21st century assessment design, presenting it as a system of feedback.

Instructional Design

Chapter 8 brings everything together with tools for creating robust lesson plans designed to help students transfer learning.