Unit Storyboard

Crafting a narrative for student learning

In film and art, a “storyboard” is a way to visually present a plan for a narrative scene or story. It is a way to capture the essence of a sequence without having to account for every tiny detail. We’ve designed our unit storyboard template to give an overview that emphasizes learning transfer — students’ abilities to acquire, connect, and transfer their learning to new situations. Each storyboard is hyperlinked with articles, multimedia presentations, and videos that help students build the conceptual structure that facilitates learning transfer. 

They also serve as the final product for our Learning Transfer Endorsed Educator online course. We will continue to update the links below as additional storyboards are created. Our goal is to grow a community of teachers dedicated to learning that transfers. We hope these storyboards serve as springboards for collaboration and discussion around the globe.

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Storyboard Sample

Check out this sample to get an idea of how you can start designing learning experiences with the Storyboard Planner

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