Think about your school environment. How stimulating is it for the students? How stimulating is it for the adults?
Check out this study:
Twin rats were raised in two different environments: either in a bare cage with food and water, or in a cage with lots of toys and exercise equipment to explore. In the bare cages, the “cage potato rats” just ate and drank and laid around, while in the enriched environment, the “summer camp rats” were busy exploring and learning, exercising their brains. It turned out that the summer camp rats became much smarter than the cage potato rats – they were better at learning new things. And their brains were heavier, too: they had more connections between the neurons in their brains. This research shows that active mental exercise from a stimulating environment builds up the brain and makes it smarter. Even old rats were able to develop their brains in the enriched environment, proving that you’re never too old to grow your brain!
Preschoolers at Ayoub International School walked into their classroom with the solar system painted on the ceiling. Pretty cool! It seems like the older students get, the less effort we place on making the environment stimulating.
ceiling AIS
What about the faculty lounge. Are there images, books, hands-on materials, quotes and other tools for adult stimulation in your school environment?