What if learning isn’t the goal of school?
In an Edweek article that sure to rock all of our boats, Marc Prensky argues:

“The real goal of education, and of school, is becoming—becoming a “good” person and becoming a more capable person than when you started. Learning is nothing but a means of accomplishing that goal, and it is dangerous to confuse the ends with the means.”

So think about: Is becoming the goal of school?  If so how does that change our approach?
If this is the goal of education, students should be asking themselves, “Who am I becoming? Have I become a better thinker? If so, in what ways? Am I able to do things I couldn’t before? What is important to me and why? Can I relate comfortably to individuals, in teams and in virtual communities? Can I make the world a better place?”

Hmm…not a bad thing to consider….