Just like we need to rethink accountability for 21st century, we also need to reimagine how we assess students in our own classrooms.
To take a step in that direction, check out these innovative assessment tools!

  • Measuring Creativity – The Buck Institute created this rubric for measuring creativity and innovation.  It’s aligned to CCSS to boot!  Not a far cry from the idea of a creativity index that was circulating in Massachusetts and California.
  • Habits of Scholarship – Expeditionary Learning guru Rob Berger just published a new book called Leaders of their Own Learning.  Along with the book, EL put out a series of assessment tools including these learning targets for character and student agency.

As exciting as these rubrics and targets are, consider how you get students involved in co-designing assessment tools.  How can they be part of the process and truly own their learning?  Maybe these can be a start for creating a personalized creativity rubric for your class!

Try it out and let us know how it goes.