This week we’ve been imagining what a school might look like where students tackle the world’s problems (right now), follow their passions, and learn flexibility.
Today we’re talking about what teaching at that school might look like.  Here’s three simple ideas:

  1. Teachers lead
  2. Teachers stay and learn (and keep learning)
  3. Teachers collaborate (with other teachers, with the community, with higher ed, with kids) to innovate (they figure out how to creatively meet kids needs and fuel their passions)

These ideas are inspired by so many conversations and experiences, but here’s two of the most recent.
Last week on the same day, I received a text and an email from two of my favorite people in the world who both happen to be teachers.

The text said, “Make sure it works for teachers – we need balance in our lives
The email said “Here’s what we need to do” and had a link to this Washington Post article about teacher led schools.***

There’s so much I could say on this topic, but for today I’ll keep it brief.  The bottom line is that amazing teachers make  amazing schools.  Amazing empowered teachers (who avoid burn-out and stay in the classroom) solve problems, come up with awesome new ideas, and keep an amazing school amazing.
So imagine a school where teachers had the time and space to continuously learn (literally learn the new skills the world demands – like how to use a 3D printer), to collaboratively problem solve, and to dream big.
Imagine if those same teachers were empowered and trusted to figure out what’s best for kids – to literally sit down at the beginning of a semester, look at their kids needs and passions, and create a plan based on that.
What might that look like? 
Maybe a teacher’s schedule would look something like this….
Slide26What do you think?  Let us know your ideas! 

**For more on this check out: