We held our second annual Fellowship Summit and it was a blast! We gathered fifteen educators who are interested in pushing the boundaries of how we teach children.
It was a jam-packed three days of joyful, intellectual exploration and creation, including:
Questioning current schooling practices 
intro assumptions
Creating 3-D versions of dramatically different schools
3d version of school
Sharing authors who shaped our thinking
book talk
A paper snowball fight
snowball snowball2
Student panels to hear their feedback and ideas
student panel2 student panel
And a panel of other educators to provide feedback on individual projects
During the school year the Fellows will continue to meet virtually in critical friends groups to share their progress and gather feedback on new ideas or challenges. This year’s Fellows are:
Danielle Hayes, Teacher, Hershey Montessori Farm School in rural Ohio
Darine Amhaz Beydoun, Director, Choueifat Lebanese School in Beirut
LaTonya Davis, Teacher, Coach and Department Chair, Paul Public Charter School
Craig Ferraro, Math Teacher and Coach, Fay School
Jessie Mouw, Independent Contractor
Lexie Greer, Curriculum Director, Institute for Humane Education
Kelly Wilson, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Programs, Severn School in Maryland
Lauren Worley, Teacher, Arlington School for Math and Science
Jennifer Sonkin, Art Teacher and Community Organizer, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School
Rebecca Kelly Arnold, Adjunct Professor, American University
Scott Rechler, Director and CEO, LearnServe International
Karine Welsh, Teacher Leader, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School
Brian Hotchkiss, Teacher, Washington Latin Charter School, ’14 Ed2Save Fellow Alum
Philippe Celestin, Teacher, KIPP DC, ’14 Ed2Save Fellow Alum
Hannah Robinson, Teacher, Loudon County Public Schools, ’14 Ed2Save Fellow Alum