Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  Whether your desk is gleaming with apples or not, please know that the work you do as an educator matters.  In fact we think it can save the world…really.  So take a moment, pause, and give yourself some props for all the work you do.  As educators, we often are quick to jump to what we want to change about our practice or how we want to grow (all awesome!) AND we need to take some this week and every week to be proud of the work we do.
Speaking of which….
My colleague at ASCD Emerging Leaders, Brianna Crowley, Communications Teacherpreneur Center for Teaching Quality, put together an amazing campaign called #TeachingIs.
Brianna describes the campaign this way:

Last year, an idea was born from one teacher’s question:
What if teachers used the power of social media to celebrate the complexity and importance of teaching?
A hashtag was created and a movement was born. This year, teachers will again create a #TeachingIs campaign through Facebook walls, Twitter streams, Instagram accounts, and faculty lounges.

So get involved and tell the world what #TeachingIs to you via Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Google+, blogs, and Twitter. Just remember to use the hashtag in your post!
#TeachingIs the only way we can truly prepare our children for future success.
Join the campaign: http://ow.ly/LHC8c