I feel like a hypocrite writing about wellness today because this is what I feel like right now:

In less than two weeks I have a Spanish test, my son ends day care and the next day we move out of our apartment and take a six-hour car trip with a toddler. Sprinkle in three more trips plus our Ed2Save Fellowship Summit and a few weeks after that I move to Bogotá, Colombia.
Children of the 90’s, do you remember when Zack Morris could call a “time out” and freeze time during a tense situation so he could figure out what to do next? That’s what I’m doing for myself today.


What to do when frazzled? Hopefully these 5 steps will help some of you, too.
1) Breathe. Stretch my back and muscles.
2) Make a list of everything I have to do and write specific times for when I’m going to do it next to each thing.
3) Ask for help. Call my mom to watch my son while I pack things into boxes and suitcases. Ask my husband to rub my shoulders. Tell my Spanish teacher that I need less homework, just give me the most essential item.
4) More than ever, try to keep eating healthy, exercising and sleeping. These are often the first to go but doing so only makes stress worse.
5) Acknowledge what’s going well:
– I will likely pass the Spanish test and receive a score of a professional level of proficiency. And if I don’t, there really are not any serious repercussions. It would just be nice to get that designation after 6 months of intensive studying. Either way — I speak Spanish now! Hablo Español ahora.
– Almost everything is done for the Ed2Save Fellowship Summit. We have a few more things to do but the agenda is set, enrollment is full, Fellows have paid. It’s going to be an AWESOME summit.
– My son is healthy and developing beautifully. After several illnesses and many, many doctor’s appointments, he is doing great. He is pushing the boundaries and asserting himself as an individual, which although exhausting for the parents, are exactly what he is supposed to be doing right now. It would be strange if he wasn’t.
Do you have any other tips for me? Share below!