Nathalie Lauriault

 is a French Immersion educator who is dedicated to hands-on, experience-based learning for nourishing creative and curious minds. She encourages a positive attitude to learning by engaging students in inquiries and developing their awareness of the process of learning through movement and explorations so that they become lifelong learners.  She previously served as  the IBPYP coordinator at the Toronto French School in Canada. She was also awarded the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program  where she led a project to extend learning in conceptual understanding and  shared her research  in a website: Inquiry in the Split Grade Classroom: Using concept-based instruction with a French Immersion program. She is the co-author of the best-selling book Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Elementary (2017).  She is also a consultant for Learning  for a Sustainable Future, based in Ontario, Canada, where she leads many workshops to encourage teachers to bring the curriculum outdoors.

Competencies and Interests

Relevant Experience

IB Consultant and Presenter

Specialist in Elementary Education (AQ)

Specialist in French as Second Language (AQ)

Principal's Qualification PRogram (part 1&2)

Training in Adaptive Schools and Cognitive Coaching

Bachelor of Science- Chemistry, geomorphology

Bachelor of Education Primary and Junior/Intermediate

Lynn Erickson Concept-Based Curriculum & Instruction- Presenter and Trainer

Current Interests

Early years development

Embodied learning (dance)

Outdoor education

Life-long learning

Inquiry-based learning for young children

Social Emotional Learning

Support Offered

Professional workshops for early years teachers

Instructional coaching

Curriculum Co-Design

Curriculum Advising

Blog Plosts

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